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    Too much love will kill you just as sure as none at all ,it’ll drain the power that’s in you make you plead and scream and crawl and the pain will make you crazy you’re the victim of your crime.

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    "Anywhere" - Evanescence

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    short skirt long jacket // cake

    i want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
    who uses a machete to cut through red tape
    with fingernails that shine like justice
    and a voice that is dark like tinted glass

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    Aug 30th, 14


    Mrs. Robinson- Simon & Garfunkel- 1968

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    Aug 27th, 14
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    I couldn’t say what I was thinking
    My heart shrinking
    Two sad sparks blinking in the sun
    Wait one minute
    I had to listen for it
    It was hidden in the fall
    Waiting on love to call

    I hear it call in the center of it all
    You’re the love of my life, the love of my life

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    Aug 24th, 14

    It wasn’t like a rain
    It was more like a sea
    I didn’t ask for this pain
    It just came over me

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    Aug 23rd, 14


    Diplomat’s Son - Vampire Weekend

    that night I smoked a joint with my best friend,
    we found ourselves in bed,
    when I woke up he was gone.


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    if you can see and you believe,
    why are you so scared?
    but if you don’t care, then why are we here?
    what do you have left?

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